Hear what others are saying about us…

“When the children from Luna Park come to me in Kindergarten I know they come equipped with a solid foundation for becoming a life long learner. They can sit quietly and attentively to a story being read to them. They are actively engaged with the story. They can listen to instructions for a project and carry them out successfully. They can socialize with other children amicably. They know that sharing is a key social skill when working within a group. They can sit quietly with a book for short periods of time. They do not need to be entertained by a screen. They know the basics of emerging reading skills such as rhyming.

The key attribute of the Luna Park children that helps them immeasurably when coming into Kindergarten is that they have developed stamina and reassurance. They do not have a fear of school because the instructors at Luna Park Preschool have prepared them to know that school is to be enjoyed. They have friends to play with and while they are playing they are learning the life long skill of learning to read. They have learned that the world does not revolve solely around them.

As a classroom teacher I am happy to know that a child has spent time at Luna Park Preschool because I know they come well prepared to meet the challenges of Kindergarten.”

Mrs. Gillett, Kindergarten/Grade One, Raymer Elementary


“My 3 children attended Luna Park Preschool for a combined total of 6 years and each of them had the best experience! Each of the children’s years at Luna Park were unique since Kristy and Erin always updated their curriculum each year. Socially, each of my children had very different personalities and Erin and Kristy were able to bring out the best in all of them with their caring and nurturing. Their transition to Kindergarten was fantastic and my children were very well prepared. They knew how to write all their letters and numbers, could recognize letter sounds in words and, easily made the transition to reading by the time Kindergarten started. I highly recommend Luna Park to anyone who is looking for a fun and loving environment but still wants to make sure their children are academically ready for school. Erin and Kristy are passionate about their work and that reflects in the smiles my children had at the end of their day.”

Nancy Yee, mother of 3 Luna Park alumni


For four lovely years you shaped the education and the lives, of our Isaac then our Sarah. Thank you for loving them, encouraging them, reassuring them and stretching them. We appreciate your gifts. We chose well when we chose Miss. Kristy and Miss. Erin as our child’s first teachers.

Rhonda, Dave, Sarah & Isaac Gokiert


“From the ideal location in a vibrant part of town, a secure classroom with lots of natural light, and the dynamic duo of Miss Kristy and Miss Erin – Luna Park Preschool prepares their little ones for a successful transition to elementary school with loving care and professionalism.  I have enjoyed working along with them for over the last 10 years and have been impressed with the readiness of their graduates who continue at Raymer.”

 Dean Corrado, P.E. Specialist Raymer and former parent of a Luna Park Graduate.


“Kristy and Erin have taught all three of our children. Our kids have become independent and respectful little ‘beings’, always anxious to tell us everything they have learned. In our three years at Luna Park I have yet to witness a repeat of the same unit. Their lessons are current and engaging and usually involve an amazing craft. They have also worked with us to diagnose speech delays and even recommended a speech therapist who could help. They continue to use the tools we have been given to correct speech and help ease the transition into kindergarten. I cannot say enough about how lucky we feel to have had Kristy and Erin in our children’s lives.”

Erica Phelps McParland


“Josh and I looked at several different preschools in Kelowna but none really felt like a good fit. Then we met Miss Erin and Miss Kristy and knew right away that our daughter belonged with them. Luna Park Preschool is a great asset to our community. My daughter felt at home with them from the moment she walked into their classroom. Emma spent two years at Luna Park and I am thankful for the warm memories that she has. She was given unconditional love and the support she needed to begin a seamless transition to kindergarten. We love you guys and will always think of you as family.”

Leanne Rockwell, Mother of Emma