Guidance & Discipline Policy

The classroom, “Ways of Being” is introduced and then revisited daily as our mantra. They reframe rules of what not to do in a more positive way of how to be. Together we create a classroom book called, “This is how we do it at preschool” to visually illustrate our schedule, transitions, and daily expectations. We talk about the importance of physical safety and being careful, respectful, kind and responsible to one another and our classroom. Modeling positive behavior, role playing and helping teach children to see the consequences of their behavior and actions albeit positive or negative is our role as educators. Behavior management is viewed as a learning experience.

We provide a learning environment conducive to meeting the needs of the whole child: emotionally, socially, physically, creatively, and cognitively. Each child is nurtured in such a way as to feel good about himself/herself. 

In order to stimulate a love of learning, we begin by fostering children’s self-esteem and self-respect.  Children are encouraged to respect others and the environment and discover that learning is a rewarding experience.

Our goals are to encourage each child to:
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Develop the skills to get their own needs met
  • Become trusting and curious
  • Develop attentive listening skills
  • Discover that learning is a rewarding experience
  • Learn to make responsible decisions and accept the consequences of them
  • Learn to creatively solve problems in a variety of social situations

The program is designed to achieve these goals and to stimulate the love of learning.  We recognize that Luna Park Preschool Inc. may not meet the needs of all children.  Conditions that might necessitate the discharge of a child from the program include:

  1. Behavior of an unacceptable intensity and/or frequency exhibited by the child that could be considered harmful to the child, the staff, other children in the program or the program’s environment.
  2. Behavior of an unacceptable intensity and/or frequency exhibited by a parent that could be considered harmful to the staff, children in the program or the environment.
Sickness & Illness Policy
Runny Nose

Children with constant runny noses, not caused by allergies/hayfever, spread germs to all of us. How? Children are not often as diligent about wiping/blowing their noses, and as a result in runs down their noses and often times gets wiped with the child’s sleeve rather than a tissue. These germs then spread onto their hands, sleeves, toys and felts/crayons – all causing others to be at risk and exposed. Please keep in mind how you would feel if another child’s parent brought their unhealthy child to care and exposed your healthy child. Clear running noses are generally ok, however the teachers will ultimately decide whether or not the child is healthy enough to stay at school. Good rule of thumb also, is if your child’s nose is running yellow or green we ask that they stay home until it is clear.

Upset Stomach or Vomiting

Germs are easily spread through vomit. If your child vomits at preschool, you will be called at once and be expected to come immediately to pick up your child. Your child then must stay home for the following day and cannot return until there no more vomiting episodes.


There are certain instances when your child should remain at home when he/she has a fever. A fever is a sign that your body is fighting an infection, however, a child with a fever of 100F/38.3 degrees or higher should remain at home until the temperature has been gone for 24 hours without the aid of fever reducing medications such as advil or Tylenol. If your child has a fever and is at preschool and seems lethargic and not themselves, we will call you immediately to have him/her picked up. Our goal is to keep everyone healthy and minimize exposure to sickness and illness.


If your child has a loose runny stool, who look and feel sick or have a fever along with their diarrhea, we will ask that you come to pick them up.  The main reason being that these children need extra attention that we cannot provide when there are 19 other students in the class. As well, loose stools may contaminate the school setting.  We ask that the child please remain at home until 24 hours have passed with normal bowel movements.