Kristy Redding & Erin Laking, aka Miss. Kristy and Miss. Erin have been preschool teachers and owners of Luna Park Preschool for the past 12 years.  However, we have been best of friends for much longer, well over 20 years. Since the age of 13, we have been part of this wonderful community of Kelowna and are very proud to have received our Early Childhood Education and Supported Child Care Education at Okanagan University. Once kids growing up, we now both are married with amazing families and still share a great love for the outdoors and ironically enough that includes camping with our slime green circa 1970’s Volkswagan Vans. Kristy has two charismatic daughters, one of which who will be graduating from Luna Park this year and off to Kindergarten in the fall and another one almost ready to begin her experience at Luna Park.  Erin has just recently joined the club of motherhood and has a beautiful newborn son who too is quickly growing up.


Our goals as early childhood educators are to provide a quality education for each child while at the same time encouraging and supporting families in meeting their educational goals. Our fresh and creative approach to environmental design and emergent curriculum planning helps in achieving this well-rounded and balanced learning environment.  We provide a Kindergarten transition program in order to facilitate your child’s successful and confident transition into Kindergarten. By providing meaningful experiences, extended learning, risk taking, problem solving, play and social interactions with others, children will build a positive, confident, self-identity that will continue to follow them into their academic years.