Welcome to Luna Park Preschool Centre, a progressive preschool providing Okanagan families with a child-centered approach to early learning, collaborative elementary school atmosphere, and a safe, inspiring environment that encourages exploration and creativity.

Our early-childhood program engages children ages 3-5 years with developmentally appropriate activities and emergent curriculum that focuses on the “whole child.” Through creative exploration and play, we support each child’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual and creative growth by providing students with opportunities to engage in relevant activities that can occur on any given day, making everyday events an intrical part of their learning experiences. Therefore, a cornerstone of our curriculum helps foster the “me and the world” approach, which teaches that everyone is valuable and that we can all make differences in our world.

We adhere to a development-oriented approach to learning that makes the child’s interests and capabilities the starting point of education.  Our age appropriate social atmosphere allows the children to feel comfortable and secure while individually focusing on personal development and allowing for each child to learn and discover at his or her own pace so that learning then becomes associated with being a positive experience helping each child feel increasingly capable, willing, and eager to explore ideas, to practice newly emerging skills and to gain the satisfaction that comes from being part of a group. The classroom offers a wide and complete range of materials covering introductory activities for the novice learner as well as challenging experiences for the advanced learner.

Our goal at Luna Park Preschool is to address diversity in the least restrictive environment, creating an inclusive setting that helps support and encourage all children to become self-confident individuals. Within our supportive environment your child can acquire a solid sense of security, a positive self-image and gain a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

We appreciate your interest in Luna Park Preschool and hope you enjoy learning more about our preschool. Please browse through our site, and let us know how we can assist you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!