Separation at Luna Park Preschool

For some of you reading this you may already know the drill for dropping off at preschool and for some of you, you may be doing this for the first time. Just remember that every child is different and each child has a different experience, but we think it is helpful to be reminded that separation affects everyone, adult and child alike and not just in the first school experience but in every school year and even in every separation. It affects everyone and everyone will get through it. These first few weeks of school can be a confusing time for both child and parent and even us teachers.  We face two goals simulanteously that seem utterly contradictory. Parents want to leave the classroom and teachers want you to go so they can carry on the business of a normal school day.  It is our job together, to figure out the best way to meet both goals in the best way possible for each child.  Separation or separation anxiety isn’t something experienced once and never again. Beginnings, endings, or goodbyes arouse strong emotion in most of us throughout our lives.  Your child’s response to school will depend on many things. It will depend on his personality, her place in the family, or whether or not he’s been left with a caregiver or had other group experiences. Some children will look forward to school and some will dread it at first. For some, arrival will be the hardest time and for others a tantrum may occur when its time to leave. Even the most even-tempered and easygoing child is reacting to the school experience.  Trust in us that we as teachers have seen a whole range of responses to the beginning of school. Most children really want to come to school and it is this desire that finally helps them happily make the necessary adjustment. Try to remember that we are not judging you or your child. We go through this process with families every year and we can help you through it this year.  So please, not to worry, as we are only a phone call away 762-7505.  Please feel more than welcome to call us at anytime so we can update on how your child is doing.

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