For the love of Art…

“The important thing is to create” – Pablo Picasso.  All children possess great creative potential and art is especially important.  Art encompasses all developmental domains within a child’s development and lends itself to physical development and the enhancement of fine and gross motor skills.  Art activities also support children’s social and emotional development, they learn about […]

How was your day at school?

As preschool teachers we commonly hear,  “I ask my child, what did you do today?” and he always says, “Nothing.” How can I get him to tell me about his day?  Or “my child comes home every day and complains about school.”  “All I hear is that she didn’t do anything and no one wanted […]

Separation at Luna Park Preschool

For some of you reading this you may already know the drill for dropping off at preschool and for some of you, you may be doing this for the first time. Just remember that every child is different and each child has a different experience, but we think it is helpful to be reminded that […]

The Importance of Outdoor Play

Going outside is just as important as any other part of our curriculum. Outdoor play is an essential part of children’s learning experience that is critical to their health and development. Our preschools goals are: to provide practice for large muscle skills through climbing, yoga, jumping, running games and activities. to provide practice for small […]

Literacy Learning & Play

Young children are meant to play and literacy naturally supports play.  Luna Park Preschool is a literacy rich environment. We believe that learning through literacy happens all throughout the day. We promote and encourage a variety of opportunities to use literacy on a daily basis – through our engaging rhyming and language games, story telling, […]